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The cloud plays a crucial role as an enabler of new digital business developments. More than ever, boards and board members who want to be successful with better customer experience, the development of new business models and a more efficient process have a more receptive mind to the merits of the cloud. The question remains how to make maximum use of the cloud, with due observance of any long-term consequences.

Wouldn’t it be great if you, as a CIO, CTO or other interested executive, could anticipate future developments? Imagine the huge benefits of exchanging knowledge and experience for making better choices. Is it possible to exert influence on legislative and regulatory bodies and on the course cloud providers steer?

To this end, ICT Media has come up with a new, exclusive initiative: the Cloud Boardroom, a series of open, interactive and exclusive high-quality sessions, at which discussions take place across a longer period of time and with a regular group of C-level officials on the basis of themes proposed, including themes suggested by participants. In the course of the process, the participating ‘Board members’ should find strategic and practical ways to put the cloud to good use.

Facilitated by Oracle and other companies and with similar meetings at locations in Europe and the Middle East, the Cloud Boardroom is an international initiative to share relevant international insights digitally.

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