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Recurring sessions throughout EMEA  |  Exclusive for CxOs


The cloud gives many companies access to new possibilities, for both the business and the IT department. The adoption of the cloud, however, really takes some doing. Now that many organisations are on the threshold of a large-scale transformation, executives involved feel new needs, like dialogue and sharing knowledge with their peers, exchanging experience, organising their position vis-à-vis policy-makers, keeping abreast with supplier developments, and possibly exerting influence on supplier roadmaps.

The Cloud Boardroom – for and by CxOs – aims to respond to these needs.

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The Cloud Boardroom is an exclusive platform for cloud executives and an initiative of Oracle, organised by ICT Media. Membership of the Cloud Boardroom is by invitation only and members are a representative of their organisation.

The aim of the meetings is to share experiences, learn and influence. Example topics discussed are: latest trends and market developments, the role of Cloud in digital transformations, moving from on-premise to the cloud, managing hybrid cloud environments and the impact of the cloud on IT departments. Oracle’s leadership team also sees the Cloud Boardroom as an extension of Oracle’s Boardroom. Topics addressed in the Cloud Boardroom can be discussed in Oracle’s Board and feedback will be shared.

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Boardrooms are held across EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), twice per location per year. The agenda and dates are set by the members. Every meeting has its own topic, which is the basis for the discussion. Boardroom meetings are managed by an independent moderator and conclude with an informal dinner.

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Ready to come aboard?

Are you a CxO or IT director, and are you interested in participation (free of charge)? The Cloud Boardroom is pleased to welcome you. Get in touch so you can join a Boardroom near you.

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Boardroom Sessions


All boardroom meetings follow the same format. The session starts late afternoon and is followed by an interactive discussion. The meeting ends with drinks and an exclusive dinner.

Throughout EMEA

Boardrooms are locally organised across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Participation is easy. The sessions take place in the evening, with a short, compact agenda and an informal but exclusive dinner.

Exclusive membership

Boardrooms have a limited number of regular members. The existing members can decide about new member admissions. Membership will be refreshed every twelve months based on the opinions of existing board members. Guest members can be invited, as well as guest speakers. The target group is C level.

Twice a year

As the sessions will be recurring, we will create a long-term relationship with and among attendees. Boardrooms are held twice a year. A self-steering agenda ensures that dates will be set in agreement with members.

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